A little about the Hostetters, who are in Cameroon

Jeremiah and Brittney Hostetter, Hannah, Jonathan and Carys

Jeremiah is a 3rd generation missionary and grew up in Ghana. He and his 3 sisters and parents all serve in missions in Ghana, Cameroon and India. He has a heart for preaching and missions. He also enjoys hitting the gym, reading, and foreign accents. 


Brittney was born in Oklahoma, and came to Africa as a teen, where she met Jeremiah and they started a family. She is a fantastic teacher and has been helping with educational outreach in Africa for 10 years. Brittney likes getting to know people, spending time with her family, and experiencing cultures, particularly their foods. 


Together with our wonderful kids, Hannah, Jonathan, and Carys, we enjoy serving the Lord in Cameroon, family walks, the beach, travelling all around the world and experiencing new cultures, having a wonderfully diverse family and pizza! We are not really all that special, but serve a special God, who makes all things possible! 

To get to know us better, you can connect with us on facebook: Jeremiah or Brittney or you can Contact Us